People in Action

"One person can make and difference and every person should try."
~ President John F. Kennedy [source:]

It doesn’t take much to start making green choices. Learn about people who took small steps and made big differences. Read about people just like you and how they significantly impacted their workplaces and the environment.

Eco-Action: Yes You Can

Grae Gibbons is the Operations Manager at Copper Conferencing. In her time at Copper Conferencing, she has created and implemented a company-wide environment policy. Because of this policy, the company purchases as much post-consumer and recycled product as possible. Prior to Grae Gibbons, Copper Conferencing’s property management company only recycled white office paper. “I try to teach people about the things you can recycle. Food packaging, aluminum, glass, cardboard etc. Most people don’t know what you can recycle.” Grae influenced the property management company to start recycling everything that can be recycled in each building they manage. Her next eco-action is to influence a change in the building’s light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs. "People are starting to come around to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint. Don’t over think it, it is simple." Get more green action ideas.

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