Starting new habits or breaking old ones can be overwhelming. Too often we don’t do our part simply because of habit.

There are so many things each one of us can do to make a difference. So whether you want to start practicing green business or you are a seasoned green professional these green sources can help everyone.

Co-Op America

Co-op America's Green Business Program provides networks, support, and resources for environmentally sustainable businesses. To find out more information visit their website; is at the center of a community of over 13,500 green business professionals. is designed to provide you with access to the very latest thinking and insights on environmental issues, climate change, CSR, alternative energy, green consumer and green business practice.

U.S. General Services Administration: Go Green: GSA Environmental Initiatives

GSA leads by example and helps federal agencies meet environmental goals. GSA is committed to the environment and uses green products and services daily.

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