Green Action Ideas

Being green is easy. Being green saves money. Being green helps the environment. Who wouldn’t want to start making greener choices?

Here are a few simple ideas that your business could put in place to make big differences.

Idea A: Use Conferencing!

Recently the economy has been affecting many businesses. But, it doesn’t have to negatively affect yours! Instead of flying to that next big meeting, suggest using conferencing as a green and cost efficient alternative. Let Copper Conferencing help you put green into action and save money at the same time. Learn more about our conferencing services.

Idea B: Start Using Green Office Supplies

With the environment being a topic of concern, there are many companies who are now promoting and selling green office supplies. There are more products available than one might think. You can purchase refillable ink pens, recycled binders, recycled copy paper, and even biodegradable cups! Going green is simple. Hear about other business’s green practices. [source:]

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