Business In Action

Doing green business is no longer just a rising trend; it is a standard.

It might seem like an overwhelming task, but it is easier than you think. Making a few small changes can significantly impact the environment and your budget! Check out these companies who are putting green ideas in action.

Small Steps - Big Impact

first bookFirst Book was founded in response to one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books. Since their inception in 1992, they have distributed over 60 million new books to children in need nationwide. The nature of what they do is eco-friendly. They redistribute books that publishers are unable to sell. Programs that serve children in need receive these brand new books. First Book practices green business in other ways too. They use Copper Conferencing to conduct online training, webinars, and online education instead of traveling to meet in person. This simple step helps them reduce their carbon footprint.

Copper’s conferencing services have helped First Book meet their green goals as well as save time and money. They promote using refillable water containers to their employees. They communicate with their volunteers and donors almost exclusively online rather than using paper. And, they encourage all employees to recycle any paper that they do use. This simple step helps to counter U.S. trash generation, which increased 60 percent from 1980 to 2005! [source:] First Book is doing their part to recycle, reduce, and reuse and so can you. Learn about simply ways you can take action.


first book MIR3 is an innovative company that provides global notification platforms. They have been in business since 1999 and are serving more than 5,000 companies worldwide. MIR3’s relationship with Copper Conferencing started in 2007. Environmental sustainability was one of the many reasons they choose Copper Conferencing as their conferencing provider. They wanted to reduce the amount of in-person client meetings without losing the quality of in-person meetings. Copper Conferencing met those demands with cost effective audio and web conferencing.

MIR3 was able to reduce travel, which impacted fuel consumption and the production of air pollutants. Reducing travel also impacted their budget. Since working with Copper Conferencing MIR3 has seen a 20% decrease in overall costs and a 35% increase in usage. Becoming a green business doesn’t have to mean making radical changes. It doesn’t have to be a huge financial investment either. It can be as simple as using conferencing to reduce travel pollution. Melanie Kuderka, Director of Marketing at MIR3 said "Web Conferencing provides more flexibility in how a company can reach its customers and employees. We [MIR3] sell the value of delivering important communication in a quick and efficient manner." Copper Conferencing has allowed MIR3 to face the challenge and succeed.

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